Pantera - Yesterday Don't Mean Shit

음악/Rock|입력 2018.05.26 23:00

"Yesterday Don't Mean Shit"

There's nothing special about it
It's either there when you're born or not
Gifted with talent are no big deal
Welcome to the death of a century...

Cause yesterday don't mean shit
What's over is over and nothing between
Yesterday don't mean shit
Because tomorrow's the day you have to face
There's no rewinding time
Yesterday don't mean shit
Yesterday don't mean shit

Reliving old reviews is a useless tool of confusion
Don't hold your breath for the turn-around
Come into the world of endless odds...

They'll tell you about guilt
And in time you'll face the darkness...
But darkness is a friend to you
Embrace and fly through the madness
Flying past God and wars and conflict
Oppressor in you [x2]
Plowing through minds and paranoia
Oppressor in you
The oppressor's in you

Yesterday don't mean jack shit...

To protect you and I'll keep to myself
It can only be that way - yeah!

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